“I found the MA programme an engaging and challenging experience. It enabled me to refine my practice and take it to new heights, becoming the foundation of my art practice today.
The learning experience and guidance I received on the MA course is something I will keep with me throughout my career.”
George Hardy. Artist (graduate 2009)

“Several decades after my initial art training, the MA programme challenged me to critically look into and beyond my then current practice. The programme is interdisciplinary allowing total freedom of self directed research, responding with practical exploration and experimentation whilst engaging with fellow creatives. I found the environment creative and critically challenging but always totally supportive with regular one to one tutorials and group critiques, which were always helpful and thought provoking. I can confidently say that I had a very good learning experience in a pleasant well equipped environment supported by a team of dedicated staff. The part time route enabled me to continue with my working commitments as an FE lecturer.
Tony Westby. Programme Leader, Art and Design Foundation Course, Boston College (graduate 2009)

“challenging – inspiring – revealing – rewarding”
Johanna Cooper (graduate 2009)

“The MA in Fine Art allowed me to explore my work in the light of contemporary art practice and understand my position within it. It has made me very confident and freed me from restrictive practices, giving me a clear future direction and sense of purpose.”
Gill Swift, Lecturer in Art, Northhampton College (MA Fine Art graduate 2008)

“I would recommend the MA Fine Art at Lincoln University to anyone who wants to develop their practice and critical analysis of their work. I found that the tutors provided both sensitive support and rigorous critical challenge, encouraging me to question developments in my studio practice. Throughout the two years access was available to many experienced and knowledgeable tutors/ artists within the tutorials, seminars and lectures. These engagements offered an enriched environment in which it was possible to develop both studio practice and allow personal growth. The variety of engagements with practicing artists allowed me to place my work within the wider context of the art world and to express my ideas with clarity and sound critical judgement. Most importantly, it’s a demanding course, but the tutors provide an environment within which to flourish and enjoy the developments that lead to real achievements.”
Gwen Tooke. Artist (graduate 2009)

“The MA programme in Fine Art opened up a whole new way in which to interpret my work. The MA gave me the confidence to examine my practice and discover exciting new outcomes.”
Madelaine Richardson, Lecturer Art and Design, Boston College (MA Fine Art graduate 2009)