Reading Group

There are regular reading group sessions on the MA courses. Staff, visiting artists, curators and students select a key text to bring to the group to discuss and to prompt analysis and wider discussion around each text.

In 2014/2015 the following texts were discussed:

2nd December – Chaos, Territory, Art, Elizabeth Grosz – Suggested by Steve Dutton

11th November – Relationscapes: Movement, Art and Philosophy, Erin Manning – Suggested by Emma Cocker and Claire Thornton

28th October – Grids, Rosalind Krauss – Suggested by Andrew Bracey

In 2013/2014 the following texts were discussed:

14th May – The Diarist – Cybermohalla Ensemble – Suggested by Raqs Media Collective

6th May – Duchamp and the Aesthetics of Chance, Herbert Molderings – Suggested by Ben Woodeson

11th March – On not Knowing: How Artists Think’, Elizabeth Fisher and Rebecca Fortnum – Suggested by Jeanine Griffin

4th March – Imagine Being Here Now, Lucy Lippard – Suggested by Hilary Gresty

11th February – The Uncanny, Sigmund Freud – Suggested by Ang Bartram

In 2013 the following texts were discussed:

20th November – 3 texts from Maria Lind – Abstraction – Suggested by Yelena Popova

Documentary Uncertainty, Hito Steyerl 

Notes on Abstraction, Peter Halley

Abstract , Liam Gillick

13th november – Chrissie Iles – Video and Film Space – Suggested by Alec Shepley

5th November – Raqs Media Collective – To Culture: Curation as an Active Verb – Suggested by Jeanine Griffin.

22nd October – Lane Relyea – Studio Unbound – Suggested by Andrew Bracey