Vive LA

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Vive la… was an experiment and a challenge from and to a new group of MA curating students. Within 2 weeks of starting a course and getting to know each other Yao Wang and Jessica Pepper had to curate a screening of artists’ films to be projected onto the side of the University of Lincoln’s Architecture building. All they have to start from is the title, Vive La

The screening formed part of Frequency13, a festival of Digital Culture and was screened on 24-26 October from 6-11pm.

Each curator chose to select one film by one artist for the screening and each was sourced and organised using social media.

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Je Suis Art by All My Own Teeth, Digital Video, 2013

Curated by Jessica Pepper

Artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) once said that “Everyone can be an Artist”, and with today’s openness towards what is considered ‘Art’ his saying has perhaps never been more true. Artists today have and use an array of technology and materials to aid them in the production of art; some believe slowly making traditional art and art practice extinct. With the invention of the internet the way people access art has also greatly been altered with many artists now choosing the internet rather than a formal gallery to showcase their work.

Je Suis Art satires contemporary art and the attitude of contemporary artists, but some would argue its screening at Frequency has in turn made it a piece of contemporary art.

All My Own Teeth is however not a practicing artist but rather a stand up comedian who like many emerging artists largely uses the internet. Je Suis Art forms part of her Vlogtober efforts (posting a video to YouTube everyday in October) and was entirely planned over the social networking site Facebook, by the curator and All My Own Teeth and connected over YouTube, emphasising the impact these technological revolutions of the past few years has had on the way people connect.

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Splitscreen– A Love Story by James W Griffiths, Digital video, 2011

Curated by Yao Wang

Splitscreen– A Love Story was the winner of the Nokia Shorts competition in 2011. It was shot entirely on a Nokia N8 mobile phone by James W Griffiths. The work has been curated by Yao Wang as his contribution to the screening Vive La… that celebrates the opening of new Art & Design building.

The work can be seen as demonstrating a concept of design as a revolution in the current era. Since the origin of Industrial Revolution, humanity has increasingly entered the area of design. We are living in the age of design. It is everywhere, whether in basic necessities or boosting the relationship between social communication and contact to improve standards of our living. This generation cannot live without design.

Design is silently changing the world. In Splitscreen  A Love Story we see design everywhere; textile design, traffic design, industry design, architecture design, and urban design. Ultimately, like the couple in the film, design’s ubiquity in the world is united with every other element, combining to create a whole.


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