One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure is an experimental exhibition that will document and display the outcomes of a two-day residency by MA Fine Art Students at the University of Lincoln. The project is organised by students on the MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice, with the residency and exhibition happening at General Practice Project Space.

One Man's Trash One Man's Trash2

The artists involved in the exhibition are: Patricia Ferguson, Malynda Umland and Eleni Zevgaridou.

The exhibition takes its influence from the Channel 4 series ‘scrapheap challenge’. The premise of the programme was for teams to work in collaboration to use recycled materials and found material, in order to construct a new object (whether that be a machine, a vehicle, rocket etc.). Teams were given a specific objective by a panel of judges and a set amount of allotted time in which to create their new object.

The artists in One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure will be set an updated version of a ‘scrapheap challenge’ with an art ‘agended’ objective. The artists will be given a range of found and recycled objects and a site to work in that will allow them to use their creativity to produce something new in response to the task given.

The premise of the artist residency for the exhibition is to allow the artists to experience a new way of working, giving them the freedom to be experimental and explore the avenue of the unknown and to experience the excitement of the undetermined. The residency will be documented in a film to be shown alongside the artists’ work, as the process in which the work is made holds great value curatorially, as well as the end products that are produced.

One of the curators of the exhibition Sophia Kyprianou explains:

“The show as been an exciting experience, it as allowed those of us on the Contemporary Curatorial Practice course to work collaboratively as curators as well as being able to work directly with the artists. I like the fact that we are going into this show not knowing exactly what is going to happen and what the outcomes are going to be, but there is something refreshing about that.”

Location: General Practice Project Space

Dates: Residency: 20th & 22nd October

Preview: 30th October 7-9pm (Open to the public)

Show: 30th October to 13th November