Tempus Fugit

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Tempus Fugit is a collaborative exhibition organised by students on the MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice programme at the University of Lincoln in partnership with SYSON gallery in Nottingham.

The exhibition derives its name from the Latin phrase meaning ‘time flies’, an expression which historically refers to the notion of time escaping and being irretrievable, in contrast with the popular contemporary perspective that the passing of time is somehow enjoyable, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

Invited artists have been given limited time to send a piece of mail art or instructions for curators to follow. SYSON is located on the site of a former watchmaker’s repair shop, and curators for the exhibition have invited artists to explore their own perceptions of time; the value they put upon their own time and ask if it is possible for an artist to sell their time in the pursuit or creation of art.

Artists include: Gino Attwood, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Kate Buckley, Annika Eriksson, G.Â.S.T., Lee Hassall, Phill Hopkins, James Hubble & Ross Oliver, Alex Pearl, Gerard Williams, Ben Woodeson, Robyn Woolston.

This unique project will be one of the last events to take place at SYSON gallery before the gallery moves to the Lacemarket later in spring.